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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2008

Indonesian Craft

As we know that indonesian people have many best quality handy craft, they have export quality goods, but almost of them did not have any export import knowledge. Therefore as an Indonesian i was interested in to market that good.

Below the list of Indonesian Handy Craft which are not touched yet by exporter, even many foreigner like them.

a. Batik
Price : US$ 6
Size : M, S, L, XL
Model : Many

b. Sandals Batik
Price : US$ 4
Size : All Size
Model : Many

C. Gorden

Price : US$ 8
Size : All Size
Model : Many

I am offering you all best good whit cheap price.

For more Information please contact : +6281325770429 or +62817242397
Contact person : Kris or Diana

I will be glad if we can make any business corporation.

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